All Deviant Locations

The document provides a comprehensive list of deviant locations for the Once Human game. It includes information about the deviant's type and effects, which can help users strategize and utilize each deviant effectively. Moreover, this guide also informs about the deviant's likes, which are essential in maximizing their happiness and productivity. This guide is regularly updated and verified to ensure accuracy and completeness.

ButterflyCampaign IntroAttackerGreen Light, Flowers
Festering GelMonolith Of Greed / ShadowhunterDefensiveRed Light, 2watts power
HarveseedGaia Cliff Monolith / TreantShield PotionCrops, Flowers, High Temps
Dream CatcherMirage Monolith / ArachnismWeb PotionBlue Light, Music, Flowers
Canine SkullMonolith of Thirst / RabizexAttackerRed Light, Fridge 5 watts power
NutcrackerMensdevoranAttackerGreen Light Toys, 5 watts power
Mr.WishSilo Sigma Party RoomAttackerRed Light, Music, Toys, Flowers, 10 watts power
Chefosaurus (PVE Servers)Silo Phi: BedroomTerritory: Cooking SpeedRed Light, Toys, High Temps
Pyro Dino (PVP Servers)Silo Phi: BedroomCombat: Fire DmgGreen Light, Toys, High Temps
Polar Jelly (PVE Servers)Silo EX1-Siren BossCombat: Frost DamageBlue Light, Fridge, 3 watts Power
Atomic Lighter (PVP Servers)Silo EX1: Siren BossGadget: Dmg, Drops +Red Light, Music, 3 watts Power
Enchanting Void (PVE Servers)Silo Theta: Statue RoomCombat: Melee/Move Speed +Red Light, Flowers, Fridge, 5 watts Power
Dr. Teddy (PVP Servers)Silo Theta: Statue RoomCombat: Healing/RevivingGreen Light, Toys
Buzzy Bee (PVE Servers)Hidden ChestsTerritory: FarmingMusic, Crops, Flowers
Pup Buddy (PVP Servers)Hidden ChestsGadget: Weight ReductionGreen Light, Music, Toys
The Digby BoyMining OreTerritory: MiningMusic, Toys, High Temps, 5 watts Power
H37Campaign Quest/Silo Psi: Fridge BossTerritory: SalvagingMusic, Toys, 10 watts Power
Disco BallIn Wild: 5850, -5275 near gingerbread houseGadget: Sanity PotionAll 3 Light Colors
Gingerbread HouseIn Wild: 5850, -5275Gadget: Disguise FoodRed Light, Crops, High Temps
Logging BeaverNear Docks or Fishing EventsTerritory: LoggingMusic, Crops, High Temps, 3 watts Power
Wish MachineMain QuestlineBlueprint / Starcrom SpenderFurniture Item
Hug-In-a-BowlKnown Spawn: 5766, -6038s/ Train TracksSanity Food ItemCrops, Flowers
Space TurnerKnown Spawn: 6512, -5231 or near door puzzlesTeam TeleporterBlue Light, Toys
Electric EelFishingTerritory: Electricty BoostBlue Light, High Temps, Music
Frog The LeaperKnown Spawn: 6147, -3353Gadget: Jump Potion/ BaitToys, 2 watts Power
RebeccaLEA Facility: First 3 BossesTerritory: Plays Piano, Recovery +Green Light, Toys, Flowers
Masonic Pyramid (PVP Servers)Completeting PvP territory warsGadget: Invisible / Warning PotionsBlue Light, Music, High Temps, 10 watts Power
Grumpy BulbGrowing deviated onionsAttackerCrops, Flowers, High Temps
Fetch-A-Lot-BunnyCut down a mother of life tree using an axeTerritory: Harvesting ShrubsCrops, Toys, Flowers
By the Wind (PVE Servers)Prime War BossesCombat: Levitate/ Move Speed +Blue Light, Red Light, Flowers, 5 watts Power